New Generation Engine


The Fontana New Generation Midget Engine, based on the GM four cylinder, is the result of
25 years of on-going development. It meets the expressed needs of today’s racer. Reliability, drivability, a wide, smooth power band, lightweight, best left side weight in the industry, and most importantly, an engine that can win any race. 

Our complete engines use only state of the art components, many of which are manufactured by Fontana, allowing total control over quality and results. 

The New Generation Fontana incorporates the latest in valve train technology, roller cam bearings, down nozzle and fuel system development, optimum balanced rotating assembly, high vacuum, high oil control system, and much, much more.




Block features include:

• Tough A356-T6 alloy
• Lightweight (63.5 lbs.)
• 9.15" deck height
• Bores from 3.875" to 4.040"
• Strokes from 3.00" to 4.00"
• Displacements from 142 to 200 cubic inches
• Beefy 1.00"- thick main webs
• 7075-T6 main caps
• 1/2" head studs penetrate block a full 1.75 threaded inches
• Ductile-iron, wet liners
• Receiver grooves for copper head gasket
• Wet or dry-sump oiling
• Large main oil galley
• 55mm 5 journal cam
• Roller cam bearings



Head features include:

Tough A356-T6 alloy
Bare weight just 23 lbs.
2.150” intake valves
1.625” exhaust valves
Intake and exhaust ports on same side
Shaft-mounted rocker arms rollerized
CNC-machined ports and chambers
High-port intake runners
37 cc combustion
Ideal temperature gradient
O-ring wire for copper head gasket
14mm spark plugs
Down Nozzles
Reverse Cooling